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Friday, September 16, 2011

A post that has nothing and everything to do with the comics

A lot of these comics I post come from myself or are sent my way. I understand people do translations and such on other sites like lj and tumblr, but I don't check those regularly so I have no idea most of the time. That said, I do / did many translations myself, but I do not give even myself credit on this blog. I understand if you want a link back to wherever you post your own translation and I'll do my best to accommodate you (as shown by newly added links) HOWEVER I really do not have the time nor willpower to track all of it down on my own. I intended to make this blog to be a comprehensive collection of english comics and since it's really the original artist that should get all the credit.

tl;dr let's compromise: If YOU send me a comic, you are responsible for linking me to where the original translation was posted, unless it was posted first in a thread, in which case its fair game.

addendum: I understand there is an issue with viewing the longer comics in full because blogspot is a piece of shit. The only current solution I have is

  1. open link in new tab which will usually bring you to imgur where its hosted
  2. right click, copy image url and then just view it in a new tab
  3. I'll try to add the external link for you exceptionally lazy people but no promises
Any other suggestions other than moving the entire site elsewhere which I will veto, are welcome.
extra addendum: I also will not be posting ORIGINAL comics. So unless you are the creator and explicitly want it posted here, do not send me original comics (i.e. it should always have originally been in a non english language)

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